About frontPlanner

frontPlanner is a standard system for managing courses, events, lectures, conferences etc. frontPlanner targets themselves to all organizations which will have 100% control over their course of business - whether they are private training providers, large companies or member organizations.

With frontPlanner you get an intelligent IT solution implemented without large development costs, while I get plenty of opportunities, to bring the system into your training business, without programming.

frontPlanner based on many years of experience in course administration is the most advanced system in the market in Denmark. The number of features in the system are overwhelming, but we know very well that there are very few organizations that need all the features. Therefore frontPlanner is divided into modules. The idea is obviously that it should be possible to put together a system that contains exactly the functions that your organization needs - whether it has 1,500 or 500,000 students annually.

You can read about frontPlanners' different modules by clicking on the icons below.

Basic Module   

 Advanced Module

  Custom Configuration

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